Beyond East and West: Geocommunicating the Sacred Landscapes of “Duklja” and “Raška” through Space and Time (11th-14th Cent.)


ID Name Class Description
132600 Bishop of Ancona Person None
132603 Bishop of Sabina Person None
118738 Cetinje Monastery Group The Cetinje Monastery was founded by Ivan Crnojević.
119864 City of Dubrovnik Group The City of Dubrovnik or Ragusa was founded around 700 by the Roman refugees of Epidaurum. In the year 1205 Dubrovnik fell under the sovereignty of Venice.
132595 Innocent IV Person Pope
118737 Ivan Crnojević Person Ivan Crnojević was the second prince of the Crnojevići dynasty in the Principality of Zeta.
118622 Jelena Anžujska Person Jelena Anžujska was the wife of Stefan Uroš I and the mother of Stefan Dragutin and Stefan Uroš II. Milutin.
133016 Krušedol Monastery Group None
119221 Mileševa Monastery Group The Mileševa monastery was founded between 1234 and 1236 by Serbian King Vladislav.
118763 Monastery of St. Nicholas in Vranje Group The Monastery of St. Nicholas in Vranje was founded at an unknown point in time. Between 1343 and 1345 the monastery became a metochion of the Monastery of Hilandar.
118665 Monastery of Sts. Peter and Paul in Lim Group King Dušan donated the Hamlet of Brezova to the Monastery of Sts. Peter and Paul in Lim in Bijelo Polje.
118696 Monastery of Visoki Dečani Group The Monaster of Visoki Dečani was founded by Stefan Dečanski and finished by his son Stefan Dušan.
118624 Monastery of the Mother of God in Rtačke Group
118531 Monastery of the Mother of God in Ston Group The Monastery of the Holy Mother of God in Ston was a Serbian Orthodox monastery in the town of Ston. It was the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Hum between 1219 and the 1250s.
118511 Musa Person Musa was a Serbian nobleman during the reign of Stefan Uroš V. He beared the title of čelnik.
130404 Musachi, Andrea II Person He died before 1373, probably in 1372. The title Despotus regni Albania was bestowed upon him by Louis, the brother of Charles, the Duke of Durazzo (Durrës) on 30th December 1336. His title was confirmed by the Sicilian King Robert of Anjou on 18th July 1337. Sevastocrator. He appears as marescallus (marshal) in the Papal letter from June 1317. His father was Theodor I Musachi. He was married to Etinia, the daughter of Paolo Matarango. Andrea II Musachi was the father of Theodor II Musachi (Theodoros Muzakes), Ghin I Musachi (Amirales Myrsioannes), Stoja Musachi (Stoias), Anna (Kiranna) and Comita. He was an offspring of the noble family Musachi. He controlled the plain in the western Lowlands of Albania called Myseqe. The Historia della casa Musachia records, that he defeated the Serbian King Stefan Uroš IV Dušan or Blukasinos (Vukašin) at the Pelister Mountain. The Byzantine Emperor gave him the title Despot of Epirus with a golden seal as a reward for his victory over the Serbian king (il titolo de Despoto d’Epiro con privilegio con lo sigillo d’oro, et anco l’invio una sedia despotale, nella quale era de perle racamata detta insegna dell’aquila). He captured the town Kastoria from the Serbian King Marko (Markos). He was buried in the Church of Saint Anthony located at Rodon Cape near Durrës.
133005 Muzej Srpske pravoslavne crkve, Beograd Group None
132753 National Museum in Belgrade Group None
120028 Radič Postupović Person Radič Postupović was a Serbian nobleman and grand čelnik under prince and later despot Stefan Lazarević
119857 Ravanica Monastery Group The Ravanica Monastery was founded by Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović.
119887 Stefan Dragutin Person King Stefan Dragutin was the son of King Stefan Uroš I. In the year 1269 he was promoted as co-ruler on behalf of his father and Dragutin overthrew his father in 1276. Dragutin was dethroned in 1282 by his brother Milutin. After his dethronisation Dragutin ruled over northern Serbia and eastern Bosnia, before he died on the 12th of March 1316 as Monk in the Monastery of Đurđevi Stupovi.
119219 Stefan Lazarević Person Stefan Lazarević was a Serbian ruler and a vasall of the Ottomans. When he visited Constantinople he was promoted to despot by the Byzantine Emperor John VII.
119407 Stefan Nemanjić Person Stefan Nemanjić was grand župan of Serbia and became the first King of Serbia.
118730 Stefan Ratković Person Stefan Ratković was a Serbian nobleman and (grand) logothete of the Serbian Despotate.
118728 Stefan Tomaš Person King Stefan Tomaš was the king of Bosnia from 1444 until his death in the year 1461.
118533 Stefan Uroš I Person Stefan Uroš I was the youngest son of Stefan Nemanjić and Anna Dandolo. He reigned from 1243 to 1276.
118673 Studenica Monastery Group The Studenica Monastery was founded in 1190. The Monastery is one of three Serbian monasteries which bear the title of lavra.
119739 Uglješa Vlatković Person Uglješa Vlatković was as Serbian nobleman and bearer of the Title of kaisar/ćesar by Tsar Stefan Uroš V Nejaki.
118591 Voljavac Monastery Group The Voljavac Monastery was founded by Stefan nemanja in the end of the 12th century.
120052 Đurađ Branković Person Đurađ Branković was a Serbian Despot, son of Vuk Branković and nephew of Stefan Lazarević. He was married to Jerina Kantakuzena. Đurađ Branković reigned from 1427 until his death 1456.
118769 Žiča Monastery Group The Žiča Monastery was founded in the year 1208 by Stefan Uroš I. It is one of the three Serbian monasteries which bear the title of Lavra. Between 1219 and 1250