Musachi, Andrea II


He died before 1373, probably in 1372. The title Despotus regni Albania was bestowed upon him by Louis, the brother of Charles, the Duke of Durazzo (Durrës) on 30th December 1336. His title was confirmed by the Sicilian King Robert of Anjou on 18th July 1337. Sevastocrator. He appears as marescallus (marshal) in the Papal letter from June 1317. His father was Theodor I Musachi. He was married to Etinia, the daughter of Paolo Matarango. Andrea II Musachi was the father of Theodor II Musachi (Theodoros Muzakes), Ghin I Musachi (Amirales Myrsioannes), Stoja Musachi (Stoias), Anna (Kiranna) and Comita. He was an offspring of the noble family Musachi. He controlled the plain in the western Lowlands of Albania called Myseqe. The Historia della casa Musachia records, that he defeated the Serbian King Stefan Uroš IV Dušan or Blukasinos (Vukašin) at the Pelister Mountain. The Byzantine Emperor gave him the title Despot of Epirus with a golden seal as a reward for his victory over the Serbian king (il titolo de Despoto d’Epiro con privilegio con lo sigillo d’oro, et anco l’invio una sedia despotale, nella quale era de perle racamata detta insegna dell’aquila). He captured the town Kastoria from the Serbian King Marko (Markos). He was buried in the Church of Saint Anthony located at Rodon Cape near Durrës.


Actors (2)
Name Class Begin End Relation Type Description
Albanians Group despot/Δεσπότης Indoeuropean speaking ethnic in the Western Balkans, which is often mentioned as shepherds, similiar to the Vlachs.
Byzantine Empire Group 11.05.0330 29.05.1453 despot/Δεσπότης
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