Tabula Imperii Byzantini Balkans

in the digital era

Our sub-projects mentioned above have brought the TIB Balkan into the digital era with their new methods and capacities. Thus, we are not exclusively writing TIB volumes on the Balkan Peninsula, but we are also making a valuable and lasting contribution to the Digital Humanities in Byzantine Studies and Historical Geography. For this reason we have put online a complete register of place names (toponyms) from all TIB volumes with links to the page of the respective TIB volumes and their pdf files (as far as allowed due to copyright). We have described a part of our rich slide Holdings and made them accessible online as scans as well. Finally, we have built up a database system for the TIB Balkans (an OpenAtlas database, into which all results of the subprojects TIB Balkans as well as selected aspects from the TIB volumes 16 and 17 are continuously incorporated and can be accessed at any time via a web application. We call this web application "Maps of Power: Historical Atlas of Places, Borderzones and Migration Dynamics in Byzantium (TIB Balkans)".