Confirmation of Belojevina in Brskovo

Begin 01.01.1253
ID 118527
System Class
Case Study Beyond East and West: Sacred Landscapes Duklja and Raška
Event Donation

Belojevina in Brskovo was a hamlet of the village of Prostenja. In circa 1253 the Serbian King Uroš I donated it to the Monastery of the Godmother in Ston (ZSp. 601).


Actors (2)
Name Class Begin End Relation Type Description
Monastery of the Mother of God in Ston Group 01.01.1219 01.01.1333 Recipient The Monastery of the Holy Mother of God in Ston was a Serbian Orthodox monastery in the town of Ston. It was the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Hum between 1219 and the 1250s.
Stefan Uroš I Person between 01.01.1223 and 31.12.1223 01.05.1277 Sponsor Stefan Uroš I was the youngest son of Stefan Nemanjić and Anna Dandolo. He reigned from 1243 to 1276.