Projects of the TIB Balkan

TIB Balkan is actively shaping Byzantine Studies, Historical Geography and Digital Humanities both as a Long-Term Project and through its sub-projects across Europe and worldwide. With the help of the subprojects, current questions are formulated and researched, new methods are tested and digital resources are built up that are made accessible to a broad public. These sub-projects are competitively acquired as third-party funded projects by the TIB Balkan project manager, Mihailo St. Popović, and his young team of researchers through applications to domestic and foreign research funding agencies. Since 2006, M. Popović has successfully applied for funding in the amount of 1,908,593 Euros and has employed numerous promising scientists in his projects with this amount in order to jointly research forward-looking topics in the historical geography of the Balkan Peninsula for the Austrian Academy of Sciences.