Mentioning of Ljuboino

Begin 01.09.1343
End 31.08.1344

King Steven Uroš IV Dušan mentiones the village of Ljuboino in the donation of the Metochion of St. Nicholas (Metohь u Prěspě u Ljuboině, Svety Nikola, što Pridade Nikola arhijepiskupь, sь vsěmi pravinami).


Events (1)
Name Class Begin End Description
Confirmation and Donation of Properties by the Serbian King Stefan Uroš IV Dušan to the Monastery of Treskavec Acquisition 01.09.1343 31.08.1344 King Stefan Uroš IV Dušan issued a second Slavonic charter in 1343/44 for the Monastery of Treskavec to the north of Prilep. He confirmed current properties and donated further villages, settlements, abandoned lands, summer and winter pastures, watermills, metochia and churches in the region of Prilep to the Monastery.