Prespa-Devol Region in the Middle Age, I Part

Project Leaders:

Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Mihailo Popović (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Medieval Research, Division of Byzantine Research, Vienna)
Prof. Dr. Toni Filiposki (Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for History, Skopje)


1 October 2010-30 September 2012

The subject of this comprehensive research is the local history of two areas, which seem to be separate, but due to their geographical closeness and other types of connections in the course of the Middle Ages, are treated as one area. Prespa is a valley surrounded by mountains and dominated by the Great and the Small Prespa Lakes, which today is divided among three states (the Republic of North Macedonia, Greece and Albania). Prespa was closely linked to the town of Devol. It is important to point out that the town of Devol had a very significant role in the medieval history of Macedonia. With regard to the foundation of tsar Samuil’s state (second half of the 10th century AD) Prespa was from the very beginning a substantial part of its so-called central territory together with the areas of Ohrid and Pelagonia. A castle, built by tsar Samuil, as well as a church dedicated to St. Achilleus were located on the island of St. Achilleus in the Small Prespa Lake (Greece). In the nearby village of German a tombstone was found mentioning Samuil’s royal family. The aim of this project is to research and highlight the importance of this area in the Middle Ages and to emphasise its historical-geographical features. Its results contribute to TIB 16 “Macedonia, Northern Part” (M. Popović;