Remains of sculptural decoration (pilasters/altar screen)

ID 133115
System Class
Artifact Church Furnishing
Case Study Beyond East and West: Sacred Landscapes Duklja and Raška
Stylistic Classification Pre-Romanesque

On the preserved slab, which may be part of the altar screen, a cross with extended ends is carved in shallow relief. Its lower arm rests directly on a three-bar circle, which is intersected by rounded three-bar ribbons, and in the axis of the composition is a multi-petalled flower. Three-pronged ribbons on the sides of the cross end with lilies. The upper decorative zone is also decorated with lilies, shaped at the end of two-bar ribbons. There is a similar motif on the pilaster with a cross whose lower end develops into a circle filled with ivy leaves.


Places (1)
Name Class Begin End Description
Dubrovnik, St. Mary of Castellum (Sv. Marija od Kaštela) Place 01.01.0800 31.12.1100 The Church of St. Mary of Castellum (Sv. Marija od Kaštela) is situated in the South-Western part of Dubrovnik. The original appearance and typical affiliation of the pre-Romanesque church of St. Mary is not known. Based on the decorative features of the pilaster above the entrance door and another with a cross motif, the Church can be dated to the end of the 8th or the beginning of the 9th century. The Church probably turned into a cathedral when it was built to the South side next to the smaller and older church of St. Sergius and Bacchus (built in the 6th century). Some researchers suggest that it is possible that the current chapel dedicated to St. Mary, in the monastery complex, is actually a former Church of St. Mary. In the 12th century it became a Benedictine monastery.