Paraenesis of Ephrem the Syrian

Begin 01.01.1337
ID 133028
System Class
Artifact Manuscript
Case Study Beyond East and West: Sacred Landscapes Duklja and Raška

This is one of the oldest Serbian copies of Parnaenesis. Based on one of the records, it is known that the manuscript was written in 1337 by order of the first abbot of the Dečani Monastery. The parchment manuscript is decorated with two headpieces and a large number of initials.
In 1860, Serafim Ristić, an archimandrite from the Dečani Monastery, gave it to the Society of Serbian Literature (today's Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), in whose archives it is still kept under no. 60. And four folios are in the National Library of Russia, in Saint Petersburg (Гильф. 77).