The Kumanica Gospel (the Tetraevangelion from Kumanica)

Begin 01.01.1300
End 31.12.1350
ID 133019
System Class
Artifact Manuscript
Case Study Beyond East and West: Sacred Landscapes Duklja and Raška
Stylistic Classification Byzantine

The Kumanica Gospel is a manuscript from the 16th century, in which four miniatures with portraits of evangelists, dated in the 14th century, have been inserted.
These author's portraits of evangelists are considered to be the most beautiful examples of the early Palaeologian style in Serbian medieval manuscript decoration.
The miniatures are dated to (the first half of) the 14th century.
The Kumanica Gospel are kept in the SAS Archive in Belgrade, no 69.


Kumaničko četvorojevanđelje
Kumaničko četvorojevanđelje