Belgrade Prophetologion

Begin 01.01.1200
End 31.12.1235

The Belgrade Prophetologion (Narodna biblioteka Srbije Rs 652) is the oldest surviving Serbian copy of the prophetologion and dates back to the first quarter of the 13th century. Written on parchment, the manuscript stands out for the beauty of the written letters and the peculiar initials that adorn it. Most of the initials are made of geometric or floral-geometric interweaving, to which imaginative or realistic animals are sometimes added. The initial O on l stands out on fol. 58v, which is in the form of the head of Christ Emmanuel.
The eclectically conceived initials show the influence of Oriental models and Romanesque elements that reached the Serbian lands via an indirect route, mostly through Southern Italy. The manuscript comes from Ras and is kept today in the National Library of Serbia. Actually, it came to the National Library from Skopje and disappeared during the evacuation which occurred at the beginning of the First World War. In 1969 the manuscript was found in Germany and returned to Serbia.


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National Library of Serbia in Belgrade Group The National Library of Serbia (Народна библиотека Србије, Narodna biblioteka Srbije) is located in the capital city of Belgrade. It is the biggest library and oldest institution in Serbia. In 1832, the library was established by bookbinder Gligorije Vozarović in his bookstore, and its first collection consisted of gifts of publisher and bookseller Vozarović and other Serbian cultural figures. On 28 February 1832, Dimitrije Davidović sent a letter on the organization of the library to Miloš Obrenović. In November of the same year, Prince Miloš ordered that one copy of each printed book be made available to the library. Nowadays, the National Library of Serbia is a modern national library. Its goals are: incorporation into the world's information flows, recognition within the world's family of national libraries, as well as becoming an information resource and drive for the development of Serbian society.
Belgrade Prophetologion
Belgrade Prophetologion