Sušćepan, Church of St. Stephen, parapet plates

Begin 01.01.1000
End 31.12.1099
ID 132808
System Class
Artifact Church Furnishing
Case Study Beyond East and West: Sacred Landscapes Duklja and Raška
Stylistic Classification Pre-Romanesque

In the Church of St. Stephen in Sušćepan, two parapet plates, decorated in the pre-Romanesque style, were found.
Each is divided into two square surfaces, framed by a border covered by braids of three-part strips. A griffin is represented on the upper surface of both plates, while a stylized floral ornament is placed below.
These marble slabs date back to the 11th century and were then part of the iconostasis. Today, younger buildings were built (adjacent) to the wall in the same place.


Places (1)
Name Class Begin End Description
Sušćepan, Church of St. Stephen Place 01.01.0800 31.12.1099 The Church of St. Stephen is situated in Sušćepan near Herceg Novi. Based on the preserved capital, it can only be assumed that the pre-Romanesque Church of St. Stephen was built as a three-nave basilica, erected between the 9th and the 11th century. The Early Medieval church was destroyed by the Ottoman invasion and built anew in the 17th and 20th centuries. The current church is a single nave edifice with a semicircular apse in the East and an entrance in the West. The church has been recently pargetted. It is surrounded by a cemetery.
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