Donation of Komarjane

Begin 01.01.1330
ID 119022
System Class
Case Study Beyond East and West: Sacred Landscapes Duklja and Raška
Event Donation

The Village of Komarjane was given in 1330 by King Stefan Dečanski to the Dečani Monastery (DH 40).


Places (1)
Name Class Begin End Description
Komarjane Place 01.01.1330 31.12.1330 The village of Komarjane was donated by the Serbian King Stefan Uroš III Dečanski (reigned 1322-1331) to the Monastery of Dečani in 1330 (DH 75 – Selo Komarani). This settlement is identified by Miodrag A. Purković as the hamlet of Komorača.
Actors (2)
Name Class Begin End Relation Type Description
Monastery of Visoki Dečani Group Recipient The Monaster of Visoki Dečani was founded by Stefan Dečanski and finished by his son Stefan Dušan.
Stefan Uroš III Dečanski Person 11.11.1331 Sponsor