Confirmation of Dosuđe u Plava

Begin 01.01.1348
ID 118886
System Class
Case Study Beyond East and West: Sacred Landscapes Duklja and Raška
Event Confirmation of Property

The Village of Dosuđe was given by King Milutin to the Monastery of Hilandar. This donation was confirmed in the year 1348 by Tsar Dušan and again in 1355 (ZSp 390 H, 394 H, 421, 431 VII).


Actors (2)
Name Class Begin End Relation Type Description
Monastery of Chilandar Group Recipient Serbian Monastery on the Holy Mount Athos, which was founded by the Serbian Saint Sava.
Stefan Uroš IV Dušan Person between 01.01.1308 and 31.12.1308 20.12.1355 Sponsor Stefan Dušan, also called Stefan Uroš IV, English Stephen Dushan, or Stephen Uroš IV (born 1308—died Dec. 20, 1355) king of Serbia (1331–46) and “Emperor of the Serbs, Greeks, and Albanians” (1346–55), the greatest ruler of medieval Serbia, who promoted his nation’s influence and gave his people a new code of laws.